Cordenons Impressive Papers

Cordenons SpA are one of the leading European manufacturers of fine graphic communication material. Quality products in accordance with various international and environmental standards are the hallmark of Cordenons.

We believe that any form of communication that passes through a particular corporation, communicates the brand equity of the enterprise. Therefore; we believe that the medium selected to communicate, is of prime importance to any corporation.

Cordenons and Jupiter ventured into a partnership to provide world-class quality to the Sri Lankan paper industry, in order to address communication needs of clients in the industry. Together we present our esteemed brand, Impressive Papers, which is available in five categories: Whites, Hi Prints, Metalics, Boutique and Colours.

Being a leading paper supplier in Sri Lanka, with decades of experience and comprehension of customer requirements, we are prepared to give you the best service, with a world-renowned European brand.

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    Hi Print

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